Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Wheels On The Bus... Have Stopped.

Last week, Tuesday August 18th at 10:25 a.m., I finished my last paper of my last class for my masters program in Christian Counseling. I thought when I finished I would feel instant relief. I didn't. It did feel amazing to hang out with my friends on Tuesday night without stress but I still didn't feel how I imagined it would. Tuesday night, nothing. Wednesday morning, nothing. Wednesday night, nothing. I knew that it would "hit me" eventually but I was beginning to wonder when it would. Thursday morning, as I was driving to work, I saw a school aged girl waiting for the bus. Seeing her reminded me that I rode the bus when I was in Elementary school. That's when it hit me: "I will not be going to school ANYMORE!" Instantly my tears began to roll. I couldn't believe I was done. I began to reflect on the past 24 years. I can recall sneaking onto the bookshelves to lie down while my mom went to "meet the teacher" in 1986. I remembered my third grade teacher kissing my cheek because I was upset I didn't finish my assignment on time. Despite all the diplomas, I still count winning "Accelerated Reader of the whole school" in the 5th grade my biggest achievement.
I also thought I would be very scared when I finished but I am not. I am welcoming the next steps of my life as a much needed change of pace. I am getting excited about the next things that God has for my life.


  1. :) Congratulations on completing your final class. It is a big moment, sad and happy.

  2. I am so proud of you. Look out world, Here comes Shala Peeples!

    Kathy Matthews told me one time, Scott, An end will come to the formal training one day, but you will never stop learning."

    I rejoice with you on the end of "the formal training." I also rejoice with you on the entrance of an entirely diffrent school. The School of Life, of which now, you are both an instructor and a student.

    I am sure the Father would say to you, "Well done, You good and faithful servant, now enter into the joy of your rest."

    Great Job my friend! You have stayed the course, and you have won!

    Much Love,

    Scott Gillen