Monday, January 24, 2011

It's Serious Thirty

About a year ago I was in a store. Over the sound system I heard a phrase that I mistook for "It's serious thirty". I thought the announcer was creating a play on words to acknowledge that it was time to get serious. I instantly fell in love with this phrase. I began using it all the time when composing and completing my agendas. I later discovered that the radio station that I was listening to was accessible on a satellite radio named Sirius. It was channel 30. However, Serious Thirty was locked in my brain for life.

Last night at church my pastor was speaking about a woman named Hannah in the Bible. He shared that she was really desperate to birth a child. She was so desperate that she was willing to give her child completely to God after he was born. She was serious. I began weeping. Luckily, I sit in the back of the church so I was able to ask a young woman who was headed to the rest room if she could bring back a tissue for me. As the tears were rolling down my face I began to mentally stack up the issues of desperation in my own life. By this time my pastor was clarifying the importance of Hannah's offspring. God needed Samuel to complete His plans. Samuel was not just a "show up for Sunday" follower of God. From birth Samuel's life was set aside for the purposes of God. He went on to do amazing things for God. These things not only changed the course of His life but the lives of every believer that has ever gleaned anything from his book. His book is located in the most Holy of all compositions, the Bible.

After church, I began to contemplate the common denominators in my life and Hannah's life. Desperation at the feet of God is the most significant on the list. Public humiliation ranked second. My next thought was the most important of all. Hannah did not back off of her pleading with God and her offspring(end result) was amazing. I imagine it was far more than she had planned for her infant. I really had not considered the possibility for my delays might be because I need a situation as specific as Samuel's birth. It was the right person, time, and place for God to do exactly what he wanted to do.
I have a situation in my life right now that I loathe. I want to run away from it and leave it to it's own demise. Well, that is not entirely true. Only the bitter and hurt part of my heart wants to do that. The other part wants to go to the throne of God and plead and plead and plead that my plans will be transformed until they are a perfect replica of God's blueprints for my life. Taking 2 Corinthians 10:5 into consideration I will take the thoughts of aborting the mission completely captive. And I will consider the inspiration of Hannah not backing down to fuel to keep my heart super charged.
It's time to get really serious about Matthew 6:10, "Your Kingdom come, YOUR WILL BE DONE". It's time to do what I have to do to sort out my plan, Satan's plans, and God's plans for my life. It's serious thirty.

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