Wednesday, May 30, 2012

None Of Your Business

A lot has been going on in my life since my last post. And a lot of things have been interesting lately as well so I have decided to start blogging again. So here goes.
Tonight while I was at my church for a special event I was offered to chance to be prayed for by someone I know. I rarely accept those opportunities from people that I don't know due to past experiences. However, if I know the people praying for me I am all over that like white on rice.
Anyways, onto the business. Like I said, prayer was offered and I was signed up before she finished the question: "Would you like someone to...." "Yes."
So then comes the infamous question, "What can I pray about with you?" To me this is like when I was a kid and my mom told me "you have 5 seconds to pick out your candy before we check out." "Um, Everything!" So now I have a few minutes to tell these wonderful people what God has been doing in my life in past year. Now keep in mind I have no idea how to differentiate an important and unimportant detail in my stories. NO. IDEA. AT. ALL!
So I tell the couple a bit and out of the wife's mouth was one of the most phenomenal phrases that I have ever heard to date. One of those moments that you realize that your life just changed forever: You are none of his business. I had shared with her and her husband that when I was making a list of things to forgive over half of the list was things to forgive myself for doing and thinking. Her husband explained how the enemy of our souls uses condemnation to destroy us from within. Then the wife explained how God corrects his children in a productive, loving way. She used a story about how if her son had broken a rule her neighbor would never be allowed to

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