Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's High Time We Celebrate

Most single women hate Valentine’s Day. They seem to feel left out or cheated somehow. Not this one, no way. Valentine’s Day is my favorite official holiday. It is only second to July 22, my birthday, which is not an official holiday, YET! (We don’t know what my life holds so never say never.) This girly hears single ladies crying and whining about not having a date or not getting flowers on this day. I look at this day and say this is the commercial holiday to celebrate the most AMAZING concept that has ever been invented. I say take my money, give me your overpriced pink and red trinkets and let’s party.

Starting off I have already received two Valentine’s this year. The first was a handmade card from Sara, she made her debut in my blog a few posts ago. The second was a Valentine’s package from my dad. This is the first Valentine that I recall receiving from my dad so I am very blessed by that. I also got an official invitation from my grandmother to be her Valentine this year, which I accepted.

As if those things were not enough let me share with you other acts of love that I celebrate on this day. My mother is number one. She had me less than a month after she was 18. This means when she was 17 she had to make some really, really tough choices. She knew what would be best for me and she began making sacrifices accordingly. Her love for me has never changed. No matter what happens our love remains strong. I rejoice in these things this time of year.

Second on the list to celebrate are my “Grandestmother”, my “Greatest Aunt Carol” and my precious Aunt Terri. They helped me and mom so much in those first years of my life. They also sacrificed a lot to give me a great life. I know these three ladies will always love me and help me whenever they can.I thank God for them.

I also rejoice in the fact that my dad adopted me when I was 2. One parent adoption is such a blessing in a person’s life. It creates a seamless structure to a family. I love my dad and I am very thankful that he choose to give me his love and his name.

My family is huge and I praise God for all the redemption that He has given us. I have met my biological dad and his wife when I was 20. I love them very much. Having them in my life has been wonderful. Meeting their daughter, my youngest sister was surreal because she is my only sibling that has ever looked like me. I love her.

My dad married a woman five years ago that has two daughters. I love having all of them in my family. My dad is happier than he has ever been. Watching them grow together is beautiful. Add that to the list of things to celebrate this holiday.

My mom has a husband that is perfect for her. Every year together their love for each other seems to grow stronger. He and I are also becoming closer. After 14 years of knowing each other we are finally learning how to communicate. That is certainly something to celebrate.

All together I have 6 siblings and one sister-in-law. We are almost all completely different. Our one common denominator is that we all try our “darnedest” to be the best we can be. We all work to be the best at whatever we do. That is something to celebrate in this day and age. One thing is for sure I cherish them all. Every one of them brings a unique element to my life. I love them for that.

I also thank God for my Ma and Pa. They have been together for almost 70 years. I think that celebration needs no further articulation. Plus, Pa always tells me how pretty I am and Ma always brags on the strawberry shortcake that I made for her.

Let's be honest here, when a person has a family structure like the one listed above and sings praises while describing it there is another celebration in order, Jesus Christ and his redeeming gifts. My life has had many, many trials but God always finds a way to bring glory to every situation. He makes all things new. It’s pretty simple. He changes things and He does what He says He will do. There is no greater feeling of love than that from the one that IS LOVE. He is worthy to be celebrated every day. I love Him. More importantly He loves me.

So maybe I won’t get flowers from a Cutie Patootie this year but that doesn’t mean I’m short on love. I think it is best articulated in one of my favorite movies, Love Actually: “If you look for it, I've got a sneaking suspicion... love actually is all around.”


  1. That is beautiful Miss Shala. You are so loved from day one. An uncle who only got to hold you for three months to a great grandma whom you entertained by playing on the floor in front of her chair while you helped me take care of her when she was so sick and a great grandpa who thought you were about it.
    You was the beginning of five little bundles of joy in my life, for this I am very blessed. All of you have made me one proud grandma!!!!

  2. Great-niece Shala - I think between you and your grandmother, you have said it all. I just wanted to add how proud we are of the beautiful young woman you have become. I guess all our spoiling didn't ruin you after all!! Love you.

  3. Great-niece Shala - the second comment was from Great Aunt Carolyn