Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rewind: Small Wonderful

When I was a child I had a favorite show. As I have already explained that I have an obsession with robots of the 80's persuasion it should come as no surprise to you that Small Wonder was the show I lived to watch. Proper Bully etiquette states that in an attempt to ruin a person's life one should try to ruin all her favorite experiences for her. My bully decided that my new name should be "Small Wonder". He went on to define his reasoning: "Because you are small and you 'wonder' around the room." I had no success in my attempt to inform him that the problem that haunted me in my everyday of my life was described as "wandering". Nope, the "Small Wonder" train had left the station and several of my classmates were on board. Being small was no walk in the park either but by third grade I had learned there was absolutely no point in defending my honor in the height department.
Here is a visual of the "awesomality" of "Small Wonder".

Fast-foward 10 years. During a group therapy session at a camp I attended, it was a camp for "peer-counselors" I disclosed that my childhood bully mocked me daily with "Small Wonder, Small Wonder". Then, from the back of the room, an amazing upperclassmen "hollered"[1] one of the top 10 best things ever said to me in my life. This was not just any "ole" senior. This was one of the few, very few, seniors I respected. She was very established as a person. She wasn't flighty or pretentious. She had a poise I adored. She stated, right in front of God and everybody, that she thought I was "Small Wonderful". It's amazing how one statement can redeem a entire event. It can and that day it did.

When attempting to think of a name for my "brand" I wanted one that would be a secret code for God's redeeming plans. I was reminded of the way that God used the words of another to transform bitterness into joy inside my heart. That was that... and now you know.

Batch 1

Batch 2

[1]"Hollered" is an Oklahoma word for talking really loud. It is the volume of yelling but contains no disdain.

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