Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What Is a Cutie Patootie Anyway?

When you need to know what something means, what something REALLY means, there is one place to look. That place is Urban Dictionary. I thought I would share with you my favorite defintion so far.

"1. cutie patootie-
Someone or something so cute that the word cute itself has to morph into something cuter, thus cutie patootie was born.
OMG, [Shala] is such a cutie patootie , it makes me wish I was her Hubby.
Syn: cute patootie, cuteness, cuter, cutie
by Hubby65 Oct 7, 2008"

I am a firm believer in morphing words so that a greater credit can be given to the situation. Some people might describe this as "making up words" but not me and Urban Dictionary. We help words "morph" to achieve their greatest potential.

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