Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Thoughts On Golf

So here are some of my thoughts on golf... ok, just my thoughts on the players. (Stuff like this may have been how I got the nickname "T.V. Guide" as a child.

Since watching the Masters last year with the guy I was dating at the time I have come to love Phil Mickelson. Not because he is a stellar golfer (which he is) but because he has two daughters and his wife Amy had cancer but is in remission. That family dynamic endears them to me. They needed a win that year. Plus, I was just happy to see someone besides Tiger win. As far as I'm concerned he can just start "winning" with Charlie Sheen. Bubba Watson has ADHD and apparently uses the hyperfocus attibutes of it to excel in his game. Automatic love. I am so glad to see someone besides Bam Margera put a face with that disorder. And Nick Watney is just plain cute.

This is what happens when my employer sets my home page MSN.COM.


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