Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"I Don't Know Much About Being A Millonaire, But I Bet I'd Be Darling At It": The Blog About My Purse

Today Whitney from The Glamorous Life of a Housewife challenged her readers to answer the question; "What's in your purse?" Challenge accepted.

The Purse

The Contents

Pulling the stuff out of this purse was like watching the clowns exit the clown car. It just kept coming out and coming out.

First, we have the evidence of my undying love for Fossil products: my wallet, my pill case, and my... I'm not really sure what that other thing needs to be called. At first it was for my medicine but then it became like a second wallet/coupon holder hybrid. Whatever it is, I love it.

Second, we have a selection of different mini documents: A receipt from Whole Foods (or as Matthews calls it "Whole Paycheck"), a receipt from Akins, two business cards, a receipt from my bank, flower shaped post-its, and a list of directions of stuff to buy and stuff to do per Whole Foods Employee.

Third, eye shadows that were supposed to get put in my make-up bag in the car but never made it.

Fourth, my favorite pencil.

Fifth, my cell phone.

Sixth, the necklace I wore to church Sunday. I put it in my purse when I spent the night with mom so I wouldn't lose it.

Seventh, the three items I bought today that I stashed in my purse to save bags- conditioner, pro-biotics, and a supplement. Never mind the fact I have 75 reusable bags in my car. Actually, I have no idea how the conditioner got in my purse because it WAS in a reusable bag when I left Aveda, oh well.

Eighth, the most adorable coupon holder EVER!

Ninth, a random crusty penny. Have a ever mentioned I hate pennies, well now you know, pennies and Wal-Mart.

Last and least, three unmentionable products that will remain unmentioned.

The Smile "Guarantee-er"

I wanted to use this moment as a shameless plug for the only item in my purse that makes smile EVERY TIME I read it. There is no cuter coupon holder in the world than one that talks about being a millionaire. I have decided that every coupon holder that I will ever carry after this one will have this quote written on/inside it until the day my bank statement has at least 6 zeros falling in line after the first number. (Well... at least the bank receipt above is a deposit slip. That is a step in the right direction.)


  1. HAHA! Love the coupon holder. And loved that you played along. :) You're so much fun!

  2. Thank you Whitney. I thought that was such a fun challange.